At Kamwin, we put safety first.

Kamwin Electric is committed to a strong safety program that protects our staff’s psychological, physical, and social well-being. We also ensure the safety of people not under our direction which includes: other employers, self-employed persons, visitors, the public, and external worksite parties affected by our work activities.

At Kamwin, Safety is one of our top priorities and our goal is a healthy, injury-free workplace for all. Kamwin has established a Health and Safety Committee to ensure that the voices of our employees are heard. The committee meets virtually on a quarterly basis, minutes are discussed with management, and any corrective actions are implemented. 

Kamwin Electric is proudly COR certified, meaning our Health and Safety Management System is audited on an annual basis. This not only ensures we are kept up to date with the latest legislation but also that we are following our own policies, practices, and procedures.


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